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Our doctors have experience with all brands and types of contact lenses available today, including bifocal lenses, tinted lenses, lenses to correct astigmatism and keratoconus lenses. We have thousands of diagnostic lenses, from every brand in stock and most patients leave the office with diagnostic lenses the same day as their contact lens exam. We also have in stock several brands of contacts lenses at the office, so you have the convience of purchasing your contact lens boxes at the time of your exam.

We offer a full line of contact lenses to fit your visual needs and lifestyle.contactonfinger2

You may order your annual supply of contact lenses at the time of your eye exam.

Soft Conventional

Soft yearly replacement lenses may be more economical for some patients, however they do require more attention to cleaning.

Opaque and Enhancer Tints

We carry a full line of cosmetic contact lenses to choose from, whether your looking for dramatic change or just a little extra sparkle. There are exciting new choices for natural looking color.

Rigid Gas Permeable

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are designed for patients who have irregular corneas or very high astigmatisms, or patients requiring better vision following refractive surgery or corneal transplants. Todays RGP lenses are manufactured to provide the highest level of oxygen transmissability, while maintaining a high level of comfort for the patient. Dr. Martin has extensive experience and success in fitting patients with Keratoconic lenses, as well as bifocal and bitoric rigid gas permeable lenses.

Scleral Contact Lenses

If you want to wear contact lenses but have always had problems with comfort or have been told you’ll never be able to wear contact lenses because of an irregularly shaped cornea or other eye problem, it may be time to look into a type of contact lens known as a Scleral Lens. Scleral Contact Lenses are large diameter rigid gas permeable contact lenses designed to pass over the cornea entirely, resting comfortably on the white of your eye, also known as the sclera. This allows Scleral Lenses to essentially replace the irregular surface of the cornea with a perfectly formed optical surface, giving you the kind of perfectly crisp vision you may not even be able to accomplish at all with eyeglasses or other forms of vision correction. This extra area also allows the lens to be a liquid reservoir to provide extra comfort for those who otherwise may have comfort issues with regular contact lenses.